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Relationships with friends, our partner and children sustain us in good times and in our darkest hours. Good relationships can keep us connected and fulfilled.

  • Do you have difficulty making and sustaining relationships or get anxious and experience self-recrimination when you think you have done or said the wrong thing? Replay a conversation in your mind? Sometimes, do you overthink what you will say? Miss what your partner is saying? This may be due to social anxiety.


  • Maybe it’s hard to feel connected, and you feel overwhelmed. Do you sometimes wish you could get out of the situation as quickly as you can? This is more common than you think.


  • Maybe you get confused about what you said or did that has caused someone to back away. Do you feel rejected or on the periphery, unsure of why you are being left out or feel like people don’t like you or reject and abandon you?


  • Are you in a tumultuous relationship that feels like a roller-coaster? You might be happy and in love and then get insulted, rejected, and abandoned. Anger and confusion make it hard to know whether to stay or leave.


  • You may have a pattern of falling in love, getting bored, needing more than one partner, being critical, and abandoning your partner before they abandon you. Your freedom to do what you want may be more important than compromise because you are afraid of losing yourself, being vulnerable, and taken over and that intimacy makes you feel suffocated rather than nurtured. This keeps you from the happiness you want. I promise you, this is not uncommon and also not hard to repair.


  • You or your partner may have had an affair. Divorce may be the answer but working on yourself can lead to valuable insights that can change the dynamic in your relationship or other relationships if divorce is necessary.

Do you find yourself involved with unavailable or emotionally or physically abusive men who can’t give you what you need? You may be repeating a pattern of trying to get the love you need from people who cannot give it to you, over and over again. I can help you.


Emotional abuse confronts us with the fact that in order to find the right partner, we first have to develop a loving relationship with our self and recognize our own self-worth. Please don’t despair. We can work together to heal so that you can attract the person of your dreams by first investing in yourself.


Relationships can be complicated for all sorts of reasons that can leave you feeling lonely, isolated, and depressed. We can understand, rather than blame, and work towards having satisfying interactions that are fun, nurturing, and fulfilling.

Feel free to contact me for a free initial phone conversation.

I'm happy to think together about how you want to proceed on your own or with some guidance.

Call (914) 632-7111 or email me at or click here.

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