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How To Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On: Self Care Before Caring For Others

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW
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3 Parenting Tips To Make Your Life Easier While at the Same Time Building Self-Esteem in Your Child

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW
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Exasperated And Exhausted By Sibling Rivalry and Defiance? Some Strategies for Parenting With Confidence

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW
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So You Have a Child Who Is Perfetionistic, Irritable, Sensitive, Controlling and Draws You Into Power Struggles that Leave You Helpless? Is Regular Parenting Not Working? Maybe Your Child Has Difficulty With Sensory Integration?

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW
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Does Your Child Or Loved One Become Aggressive and Angry For No Apparent Reason? Is It A Tantrum or a Sensory Meltdown? 4 Tips To Promote Sensory and Emotional Regulation

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW
Young Businesswoman

Preventing Failure to Launch in Our Young Adults With Learning Differences: Facilitating Success in the Workforce, a Psychological Perspective

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW

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