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Depression, anxiety, and panic can be incapacitating. Do you lay awake at night feeling helpless and hopeless, find it hard to get out of bed in the morning to function and be an active participant in your own life? Maybe you are very hard on yourself and tell yourself you are no good. Self-punishment can be crippling. Anxiety and panic can be so scary and overwhelming, and interfere with success and happiness. Please know you don’t have to struggle and suffer alone anymore. I can help you get to the root of the problem at your own pace and thrive. You do deserve happiness even if that inner voice says you don’t.

Trauma lives in the body as physical pain when emotional pain feels too much to bear. If you are having chronic pain, addiction, engaged in secretive risky behavior, or engaging in self-harm, these are symptoms of intense inner unresolved pain, and the only way you currently know how to deal with that pain is to avoid it or turn it into something else. I have helped many, many people recover from trauma and I can help you, too. Why should you have to continue to live a tumultuous or unfulfilling life?

Overeating may be your honest attempt to deal with emptiness, anger, despair, dread, helplessness, depression and anxiety. Do you overeat even though you know you shouldn’t and then beat yourself up? Please try not to be so hard on yourself. Nobody can fix these patterns alone. I am here to help.

Self-worth and self-love: To have a loving relationship with a partner as well as inner peace, we first have to have a loving relationship with ourselves. Signs that you may not love yourself enough include depression, sadness, anxiety, anger management, dysregulation, binge eating, and other self-destructive feelings and actions. I will help you explore and dispel the lies you tell yourself about your worth, so you can feel complete.

Adult therapy

Relationships with friends, our partners, and children sustain us in good times and in our darkest hours. Good relationships can keep us connected and fulfilled.

Is social anxiety and fear of being rejected and hurt making it hard to develop and sustain relationships? Maybe you protect yourself by withdrawing from the very people you want love and acceptance from.


Struggling to get along with people because of difficulty knowing how you feel and communicating, boredom, anger, outbursts, depression, fear of loss, rejection and abandonment, self-recrimination, and self-sabotage can make anyone feel helpless and hopeless. You do not have to manage this alone anymore.


Maybe you constantly choose the wrong type of partner who is critical, mean, withdraws, and can’t give you the love you deserve. Let’s understand and change this so you can have the rewarding and loving relationship you always dreamed of.

Relationships can be complicated for all sorts of reasons that can leave you feeling lonely, isolated, and depressed. We can understand, rather than blame, and work towards having fulfilling interactions. >>Learn more about Relationships

  • Parenting is the most daunting job of all. Your parents did the best job raising you they could. Maybe it was good enough and maybe it wasn't, and maybe they made terrible mistakes that had an impact on you. You have vowed to do things differently, to do better, yet you hear your own mother’s voice as you reprimand your child or, you do the exact opposite but that isn’t having the right result either. Please don’t despair. I can help you be the effective parent you want to be by either talking together or with Parent/Child Therapy.  >>Learn more about Parenting


  • Learning Differences - Do you find life to be overwhelming because you can’t get organized, lose things, and have difficulty planning? Often, you might have difficulty knowing how to begin a conversation, continue it, fit in a group, have close and rewarding friendships. Success in the workforce can be frustrating; it is awful to feel misunderstood. We can work together to understand your feelings, be in control of your anger, frustration, depression, sadness, anxiety, shame, and self-recrimination that cause you to suffer. When you are accepting and forgiving of yourself you will allow yourself to use tools and your inherent strengths to have a more fulfilling life. >>Learn more about Learning Differences

Adult therapy
Adult therapy

Many people experience ups and downs and can feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster and want to get off or feel like they are stuck and can’t get started.

It is common for most of us to have times in our lives that feel overwhelming and unmanageable. You may have been living with some difficult issues for quite some time, and have tried therapy unsuccessfully, withdrawn from work, social situations, family, or self medicate, over-eat, drink run yourself too hard to numb the pain.


Together, in a non-judgemental, supportive environment, we can explore inner turmoil and patterns that get you into trouble. Knowledge is strength. Strength and knowledge provide the ability to make good choices.


You may be hesitant to proceed...

Therapy can take a lot of time and can be expensive

Therapy is an investment in you and your family. You deserve to have a solid foundation that you can draw on for the rest of your life. Unresolved feelings affect relationships, productivity, and keep you from having the life that you wanted. Ask yourself if making the time to understand yourself and have the life that you deserve is worth the investment. If you think you don’t deserve to have a life, why is that?

I’m worried I will be overwhelmed by what I will learn about myself and will lose control over my life. Better to keep things inside so I don’t feel worse.

People often feel this way, worried that pain will come to the surface and will overwhelm and keep them from being able to function, or that they will have to make difficult decisions that they are better off avoiding. The opposite is true. As you get to know yourself better, together we will build an inner foundation of strength so that you will be able to bear whatever it is that needs to be known and understood, at your pace, so that you can choose the life that you want sooner than later, and have the life tools you need for the trajectory of your life.

Feel free to contact me for a free initial phone conversation.

I'm happy to think together about how you want to proceed on your own or with some guidance.

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