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Adults, children, and teens with learning differences  

Learning differences
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Learning differences

Learning differences mean adjustments to everyday life, and can make relationships difficult. People make mistakes that are humiliating and then feel misunderstood because they ARE misunderstood.

People with learning differences are more vulnerable and prone to anxiety and depression and can develop maladaptive defenses like drawing people into power struggles or isolating themselves in order to cope. This leads to more emotional pain in childhood, as a young adult in college, and in the workforce. Overreactions create more trauma, inner and outer meltdowns and self-battering. I can help with that. 


Types of Learning Differences I can help with (adults, teenagers, and children):


  • Autism Spectrum

  • Asperger's (no longer in the DSM), both low- and high-masking

  • Language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia

  • Being highly sensitive

  • Nonverbal learning disorders (NVLD)

  • Executive functioning challenges

  • Sensory processing disorders (SPD)

  • Struggles with social cues

  • Pragmatic communication

Adults with Learning Differences

Have you been struggling with self-esteem issues, frustration in the workforce, in your relationships, and have inner turmoil that causes you to self-sabotage? 


You deserve the help you need to finally feel in control of yourself and your life. I am happy to have a consultation with you to see how I can help you deal with the frustration, anxiety, and depression that is inherent to learning differences, help navigate all that is hard, but also help you feel good about your strengths to ensure a meaningful and successful life.


The Link Between Trauma and Learning Differences

When you have a learning difference, you can find yourself experiencing trauma minute to minute, not only due to being misunderstood or because of things that are challenging, but also because your brain processes trauma differently. This can cause you to be incredibly self-critical because you wonder why you can't just "get it together." I can help you silence that inner critic, moving from feeling helpless to empowered and having better self-worth. 

Children and Teens with Learning Differences

Many parents are afraid that their child or teen is struggling and they don’t have a handle on what’s wrong, and they think they are bad parents. The best thing you can do to help them is to let them know you understand them, so they don’t feel alone with overwhelming feelings. 


I can help you understand why they are behaving the way they are. When there is a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability such as a Language-Based Learning Disability, Attention Deficit with or without Hyperactivity, a Non-verbal Learning Disorder, Spectrum Disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Delay, doing homework, being organized, remembering and developing planning skills suffer, and inevitably cause self-esteem to suffer.


Please reach out to me. I understand the emotions, behaviors, and can explain them, help parents, and help mitigate them in your child or yourself. In therapy, I bear witness to the struggling and suffering, reduce harsh self-punishing attitudes, help improve self-esteem and self-worth, and help people accept, value, and celebrate themselves. These feelings and behaviors WILL get better.


I am also happy to refer you to the best neuropsychologists for a proper medical diagnosis, the best psychiatrists for medication if you choose that route, interface with school, and provide recommendations for attorneys if necessary.

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