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Higher levels of care / Aftercare / Day treatment

Has therapy been unsuccessful in healing inter-generational trauma, depression, anxiety, internal conflict, school or work avoidance, and somatic symptoms so that you feel so distressed you are considering a hospital stay? Do you want to try something else as a last resort? We can meet more than once a week until you are feeling stronger.


In a supportive environment, we can explore thoughts and feelings that cause you to act in ways that undermine your success or are even self-destructive. You have the power to be in control of your own good choices and your destiny. We will focus on building inner strength and resilience, and on repairing and strengthening family and peer relationships. I will provide referrals to other therapists for family members who need support through this process, and have the most experienced attorneys, psychiatrists, tutors, and appropriate schools at my fingertips. As a seasoned therapist, with all sorts of tools, I can provide the highest level of care to ensure a full recovery. Sometimes, recovery means supportive and explorative therapy for parents to feel empowered.


If you or your child or teen is coming home from a hospital stay, residential, or wilderness program, it is understandable that while you are excited about a new beginning, you are also scared. In order to continue recovery and avoid gaps in care, I will help you or your teen continue to practice DBT and Mindfulness skills and continue the process of deeper, meaningful inner growth.


I meet with parents, and then the family as a whole in a few consultation sessions, and then we will collaborate and come up with a plan that will work for you and your family. If that means that your teen continues to need residential care or therapeutic boarding school, often, a parent who undergoes his/her own therapy is better equipped for meetings with their teen and is better able to help recovery. It can be incredibly empowering personally, and always has a profound healing effect on our children.


Please feel free to call me and talk. I am happy to have a free initial 20-minute consultation by phone. I understand that you are getting a lot of advice and recommendations and it is often hard to know what is right for your family. I can speak with you, your ed consultant, and other team members if you’d like, or quietly and privately figure out together what makes the most sense for you.

Day treatment/Aftercare

I can help with the following services in person and remotely:


  • Life skills and strength-based counseling

  • Social Skills

  • Emotional Regulation counseling

  • Feelings that interfere with Executive Functioning and Organization

  • Depression, anxiety, anger management counseling

  • Referrals to the most knowledgeable learning specialists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists


I can meet with you in Westchester County, Manhattan, or via Zoom. 

Feel free to contact me for a free initial phone conversation.

I'm happy to think together about how you want to proceed on your own or with some guidance.

Call (914) 632-7111 or email me at or click here.

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