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Life is often challenging in ways we would never have expected.

Welcome to Sheri Perlman OT, LCSW

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW

Are you an adult who suffers from sadness, anxiety, anger, eating issues or other types of internal conflicts that cause you to repeat unhealthy patterns that interfere with relationships and living a fulfilling life? 


Do you struggle as a parent and possibly have a child or teen with learning differences?

Psychotherapy and counseling can help adults, teens and children

As a licensed psychotherapist, I'm committed to helping you understand your thoughts and feelings so that you can feel hopeful and strong. In a supportive, and nurturing environment, we will gently explore whatever is necessary, at your own pace, to ensure that you feel good about yourself and have the most fulfilling life possible.

Areas of Specialty

 Individual Psychotherapy with Adults, Teens and Children

  • Parenting

  • Learning differences

  • Relationships

  • Inner Struggle

  • Trauma


Family and Couples Therapy especially regarding parenting


How I Can Help

Children and Teens

Children and Teens

Adult therapy


Parenting Support


Relationships and Therapy


Aftercare help


Learning Differences

Learning Differences

A Few Thoughts from Sheri

Are You Thinking About Psychotherapy?



Sensory & Learning Differences

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