The Basics of Building Self-Esteem in Your Child

Updated: Dec 21, 2020


Floortime or child directed play is 2-3x/week 20 minute play where your child picks the activity to play. Don’t just fake enjoyment! They will know! Try to dig deep and find something about it you are interested in and discuss or ask your child about it. Expressing interest in things they are interested in signals to them that you are interested in THEM. Talk with them about their thoughts and feelings. That is what makes us who we are! If you have a teenager, try the same thing. Show interest in what they are interested in, but remember that they know if you are faking it! Find an aspect of what they are interested in and have a curiosity with them. This lets them know you are proud of them, with and without telling them so. It also leaves the door for communication open so they will share with you when they are troubled or feel in trouble.

It is money in their emotional bank! You are filling them up with emotional value that will create a core foundation and strong inner core, the basis for self-esteem and everything else you want for your child to be strong, independent, happy and successful at work and love.

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