Parents and Anger

Yesterday I was talking to a mom who was having trouble getting her child to get to sleep and stay asleep. The pattern had been that she would read to her for two hours, lie down with her until she fell asleep. When she woke in the middle of the night, she would wander the house, eat, wake her brother up, and the parents had interrupted sleep, making it difficult for them to function during the day. When we discussed […]

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Sex and Teenagers on the Richard French Live show

March 5, 2010: In an effort to expand upon the issues I spoke about regarding sex and teenagers on the Richard French Live show, (see it on You tube) I am writing this blog. On the show I talked about teens are having sex at earlier ages with indiscriminate partners. I also spoke about how parents can communicate with their kids about safe sex, waiting, and respect of oneself and one’s partner. This is easier said than done, however because […]