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Sheri Perlman works with children and teenagers to understand feelings to maladaptive behaviors such as inflexibility, moodiness, aggression, provocations, perfectionism, depression, anger, social akwardness,  sexual acting out, drug use, oppositional behavior and sleep disturbances. These behaviors are compensations for feelings such as low self-esteem in the general population, in divorce, and in those individuals with autism, asbergers, ADHD, sensory and language issues and verbal andnon-verbal learning disorders.

Ms. Perlman works with people individually and in social skills groups to improve understanding of their feelings that lead to maladaptive behaviors and how to manage these feelings in a way that will foster emotional health and improve relationships.

Parenting: Ms. Perlman empathically with parents to understand how their child/teen’s behaviors “push their buttons” and how to manage the feelings evoked so that they can facilitate further growth in their children and help them to improve relationships at home and in the outside world.

Our kids don’t come with a manual! Learn techniques for: discipline, minimizing tantrums, minimize power struggles, sibling rivalry, toilet training, constipation, accidents, building self-esteem and more!