Psychotherapy is a process that allows a person to come to a better conscious understanding of their inner life. People learn to appreciate their strengths, gain insight into their conflicts, and understand what motivates their behavior.

A combination of techniques such as psychodynamic theraphy, cognitive and behavioral theraphy and hypnosis can be used as people talk about their thoughts and feelings. As people gain insight and work through feelings, anxiety, depression and other difficulties lessen. Changes are made in oneself and in relationships with others, and a feeling of well-being is restored. Sometimes, stress from either current situations or other unresolved issues cause bodily symptoms including but not limited to headaches, stomach aches, fibromyalgia and extreme fatigue. Working through feelings related to issues not yet apparent often helps to resolve these physical symptoms. Ms. Perlman also works with people going through a difficult life transition such as divorce or complicated bereavement. Lastly, Ms. Perlman works with adults on parenting. Children don’t come with a manual, especially when there are challenging circumstances such as there are with a spirited child with behavioral difficulties. The safety of the supportive and explorative therapeutic relationship can be life altering.

Psychotherapy is recommended for:

Parenting – Depression – Anxiety – Bereavement – Divorce – Stress Reduction – Life Crisis – Life Transitions – Sexual Issues – Anger Management – Self Injurious Behaviors – ADHD  – Bipolar Disorders – Non-verbal Learning Disorders – Oppositional & Defiant Behavior – Self-Esteem – Self Destructive Behavior – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Illness – Same Sex Relationships – Chronic Pain – Relationship Problems –  Addictions – Eating Disorders – Gender Confusion – Learning Problems – Sensory & Language Disorders – Autistic & Spectrum Disorders – Adjustment Issues – Fears  Sadness – Social Skills – Sleep Issues – Overeating